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Log in to eMembership2

All community officers recorded through an Assembly Officers' Election or Bahá'í group registration, and eMembership Assistants on record, may log in to eMembership2 with their Bahá'í ID number and Bahá'í Online Services password.

Important:As of June 19, 2017 access to eMembership2 will be available only to the following:

  • Current officers of Assemblies and registered groups (the temporary access given to last year's officers expires(ed) at 12:01 AM Central Time on June 19, 2017)
  • eMembership Assistants appointed or renewed since Ridván 2017

If you live in a locality that does not have a registered group or Local Assembly, and you would like to register as a Bahá'í group, complete a Group Registration Form and mail or fax it to the Membership Office.


* Your My Page password is now your Bahá'í Online Services password.

NOTICE: The Bahá'í National Center potentially conducts "Preventative Maintenance" on all servers and applications every night. Therefore there is the possibility for an interruption of service between Midnight and 3 AM Central time each night.

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Last updated: 6/19/2017

 Nine Things You Can Do in eMembership2!

1. Obtain a list of all LSAs and/or Registered Groups in your Cluster, Electoral Unit, State, or in a specified proximity from your community – information includes their mailing address, email address, and phone numb

(Searches and Lists> Locality - General)

(Searches and Lists> Locality - Proximity)

2. Create a list and/or spreadsheet of your members with an email address on record

(Searches and Lists > Community members> Has Email on Record)

3. Create labels for mailings

(Searches and Lists> Lists: Mailings)

4. Print out ready-to-use Tally sheets for elections

(Searches and List > Election Tools)

5. Verify that a Bahá’í guest wishing to attend Feast is in good standing

(Searches and Lists > Guest Verification)

6. Report the appointment of community roles:  eMembership Assistant, Public Information Officer, and Pioneering Resource Person.

(Community Info > Role: eMembership Assistant;  Roles:OCS Treasurer Asst, PIO, PRP)

7. Initiate the transfer-in process of a Bahá’í who is returning to the U.S. from another country

(Member Mgt > International Transfer In)

8. See who the Auxiliary Board members are for your area

(Community Info > Admin/Contact Info)

9. Print out copies of the LSA Confidentiality Agreement

 (Help > Administrative Resources)